Words of Wisdom

with Johann VD Hoven

Understanding Life in the Spirit 

"I am Divine consciousness". 

What does that mean?

It means that I am Spirit, and as a Spirit-Being, I am presently aware of my life in the Spirit, being born from My Father Who is Spirit. And in living in awareness of Him, I  enjoy an unbroken Divine state of fellowship, peace, and Life-Union with Him, no matter where I find myself being present in the universe! 

John 15:4 - "Abide in Me (live in Life-Union with Me, as I abide in you (live in Life-Union in you)."

— Johann G VD Hoven

Understanding Life on Earth

PEACE is  - Living more conscious (aware) of what IS (has been decided and is settled) in the eternal reality of the Heavenly realm, than being concerned with temporary passing illusions, presently unfolding on the earth.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Romans12:2 - "Do not live your life being convinced by the world and its customs, traditions, ideas, and beliefs, allowing these things to shape your thoughts and your future - But be transformed in living your life being convinced of the Truth imparted by the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to change your focus and to renew your inner-thoughts, shaping you into living as the New Man you are, conscious of what it real, authentic and true about you, and constantly learning the goodwill and the true state of affairs ordered by God, concerning your life.

Find out what is pleasing to God and will also be pleasing to you, concerning His plan for you. 

Harmonise yourself in the mind of your Soul-Spirit with His Spirit, and do not give a moment's notice to the deceptive illusions, wherewith the prince of the air has imprisoned the mindsets of those in his world.

He would love the opportunity, if granted, to use those very same ideologies to entrap your mind also." - Origin Study Helps.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Living in Eternal Perspectives

Who Are You?

You are eternal Divine consciousness (eternal awareness - meaning that your scope of awareness exceeds that of temporal life on earth - You are very much aware that you are Divine by inheritance as coming from God and have His DNA. The reality of the realm of the  Spirit is more vivid to your consciousness (what you are aware of) and real to your inner-man than the natural world you walk in).

You have been introduced to a temporary awareness (realm of experience) that is called humanity, for a set period called time, to accomplish an eternal destiny, on a place called earth, before you will return to your Origin (Who is God) and your state of former Glory (which is Spirit, of His Spirit, as an eternal Son of God).

In other words - You're not here to stay, so don't get comfortable!

 — Johann G VD Hoven

Where Are You?

Although I am captivated in a body in a temporal experience called life - I have been born-again of the Holy Spirit, to live consciously aware of my true Origin and my true self, which are both Spirit from His Spirit and eternal in Nature. 

My body is on earth, but my consciousness is in the Spirit!  The realm of Truth and true Reality. 

I am therefore passing through what is called time, on a place called earth, in a human body, called man, to accomplish a purpose as my eternal destiny, in the here and now. 

I am doing all of this as a foreigner, a stranger and an alien to this place, called earth, passing through a brief moment of awareness in my state of being Spirit caught up in temporal humanity - accomplishing my task, while living in my Divine Awareness of being eternal in design and in Divine consciousness (unbroken awareness and fellowship) with My Creator.

— Johann G VD Hoven

What is Your Awareness?

Although I am on earth in my body, and in the realm of a temporary passing experience - I am conscious that I am not from here, nor temporal - but eternal in design, and I live not in the awareness of the temporal experience of a life passing its time on earth - But I live in the consciousness (complete awareness and fellowship) of being Spirit and of soon returning to my eternal state of being, to be with My Creator.

John 17:5 - "And now, Father, glorify Me in Your Presence with the Glory I had with You before the world began."

— Johann G VD Hoven

Mind the Mind of the Spirit!

When you discover that you are Spirit — you will no longer be looking for a spiritual experience, you will live in one, as one!

— Johann G VD Hoven

IMPOSSIBLE - is a lie.

A fidget of the mindset of mankind imprisoned in the lower frequency of human reason and possibility.

It is a non-reality in the realm of the Spirit.


— Johann G VD Hoven

you are God'spurpose given life on earth

Redeem means "to get it back"

God sent Jesus to get you back! 

Back to your Origin. 

Back to your position. 

Back to your Authority. 

Back to your destiny. 

Back to your Glory!

— Johann G VD Hoven

Every dream, purpose and destiny is coded into the life of an individual.

The man or the woman God sends, is the plan, the purpose and the destiny to unfold.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Every Vision has a "pro" attached to it. When you walk in His Vision for your life, fulfilling your purpose and living your design, the provision will be provided!


We however need to set the Vision before the pro. Its when you go, that the pro becomes proactive in your life!

— Johann G VD Hoven

Someone says ... "God I trust you with my future ... ".

God says ... "I have trusted you with mine! Fulfill My Vision. All things have been pro-Visioned in you to fulfill your purpose!"

— Johann G VD Hoven

Discover the Hidden You

You are a Marvel of God, whom the world is waiting for, to be revealed.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Never live by the assumptions of men - Live by the Revelation of God.

— Johann G VD Hoven

The way I glorify God is to be the complete me, minus the influences that are not supposed to be me. 

We bring Him glory by being His Glory on display.

—  Johann G VD Hoven

The Gospel is not a message about who you need to become.

It is a message of re-introducing you to who you truly are!

— Johann G VD Hoven

All things are possible!

When man's logic says - It is impossible!

God's Logos says - All Things are possible!

— Johann G VD Hoven

'Simple people' may carry in potential what the world needs to survive. 

Joseph is a classic example.

— Johann G VD Hoven


Your Dreams and God's Dreams.

I had a dream to be a preacher. I wanted to be the best preacher I could be, serving to see God everything through me that He destined to be.

I lived and breathed to see people changed and transformed by His Power and to make Him real to others, to allow them to touch His reality and to be transformed by His Person. I did all of that, because it was the dream that was a fire in my belly.

Then one day God led me beyond my dream and beyond the scope of what I had envisioned for my life. He led me from what was the only dream I had for my life, to step into the fuller dream He had for me to live and experience. For nine years He led me into the business world, firstly against my will, until I came to understand it was His will. 

Within those nine years we became a sign and a wonder to the world around us. 

Having no business education, no former business training and no business experience, we began with nothing, inheriting a bankcrupt business about to close it's doors.

At the beginning of this new journey I walked 8km a day to buy our food, because we had no car, and no fridge to keep our food in. We slept on a mattress on the floor, because we had no bed. Our furniture was a plastic patio set of chairs and a table. I could not see and understand why God had led me into what seemed an impossible place for us. While I could not see — He knew.

Five years later we were multi-millionaires.

This was not a part of my dream for my life. But it was a part of God's dream for me!

Be careful not to live your dream, be ready to live God's dream for you that may extend beyond what you presently see!

I am still dreaming, because His dream for me is not complete yet!

-  Johann G VD Hoven

Know the Authentic You!

Jesus did not come to rescue you, so you would live your life colouring in between religious lines - He came to erase the lines! 

Johann G VD Hoven

99% of humanity live an "accidental version" of what God actually intended for them to experience in life!

Before you cannot face this fact, you will never become inquisitive enough to discover the real you, the exceptional individual you are and the beyond average life you were purposed to live!

Johann G VD Hoven

ANYTHING in life that aims to define you - except the Influence of the Holy Spirit - 

Will rob you of who God intended you to be!

Never Allow Anything, Including Religious Mindsets - To Have The Power To Define You! 

Johann G VD Hoven

Knowing who I am, frees me from everyone's opinions of who they either want me to be, or perceive me as!

Johann G VD Hoven

If you don't know who you are, someone will decide that for you. 

— Johann G VD Hoven

Never live by the assumptions of men. When people do not know you and cannot discern you, they will "assume" you - They will assume who you are by positioning you and defining you by the logic, reason and perception of their own understanding.

Never live by the definitions of others - Walk in the Revelation of who God defines you as.

Never "fit" into the limited precepts of the understanding of people and never let them give you a definition of who you are. In the process you will limit who God formed you to be, to the potential someone else thinks you can be.

People, by nature, are small-minded, they can't see you beyond their own limitations and few will truly be able to see you through God's eyes!

Live by Revelation - Never by definition.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Live YOUR Purpose!

A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder, he just drifts away with any tide that comes along. 

If you do not know your purpose, someone will give you theirs.

It's a tragedy to win a race you were never called to run. Or to ace an exam you were never asked to write.

It is a tragedy to be successful at the wrong thing!

Heaven sent messengers bring Seeds of Revelation - not sermons and what they carry as Seed, always produces Kingdom Sons!

— Johann G VD Hoven

Live Your True Potential

You are God's best plan for what He created you to accomplish.

— Johann G VD Hoven

You are God's Gift to the world, wrapped in His Love, to be opened as the Blessing you are.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Be careful not to become the slave of someone else's dream. 

— Johann G VD Hoven

Trust the Unknown

The 'Sure-thing' boat of reason never gets very far from shore. 

— Johann G VD Hoven

kingdom truths and facts

When God came down the first time after the fall of mankind, He gave us a Book. 

When He came down the second time through His Son, He came to reconcile Himself with us. 

Through the offering of the Last Adam (the latter Adam - Jesus), He did not come to give us another Book, He gave us His Himself! 

He gave us His Holy Spirit!

— Johann G VD Hoven

We many times think of the Words recorded in the Bible as religious teachings, rather than God's Wisdom-guide given for man's ultimate success in life.

Study the advice of the finest advisors and motivators on the planet and you will find they have discovered the principles of God, recorded in the Bible, working in humanity!

— Johann G VD Hoven

Limitations are self-imposed!

Faith is to work hard at what you believe in.

-  Johann G VD Hoven

There are no excuses for failure, except the lack of persistence  to succeed. 

There are no reasons that are stronger than what God has placed within you and nothing on earth can hinder you from fulfilling your purpose. 

The Power in you is more than sufficient to overcome any lack of human shortfall to guarantee your success.

You are born a success. Find that truth and allow that truth to become your reality, even when your circumstances want to convince you otherwise.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Things that hinder our lives

So long as you fight to defend your limitations and weaknesses, you get to keep them.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Words are frequencies that create the atmosphere surrounding our lives.

—  Johann G VD Hoven

Whatever you speak about, think about, meditate on and fill your inner-man with, you multiply in your life experience.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Do not Allow Yourself to be Enslaved again!

The best religion to have, is none!

— Johann G VD Hoven

In the absence of God's Presence being experienced in mankind, man has always attempted to build some kind of a temple to worship at.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Religion has, from the earliest of times loaded men and women with heavy burdensome yokes and imprisoned those born free with the heavy chains of dogma, of rules and the traditions born from their own fancy in serving their god.

— Johann G VD Hoven

Are you chasing down Spiritual experiences — Or are you one?

— Johann G VD Hoven