Live YOUR Purpose!

A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder, he just drifts away with any tide that comes along. 

If you do not know your purpose, someone will give you theirs.

It's a tragedy to win a race you were never called to run. Or to ace an exam you were never asked to write.

It is a tragedy to be successful at the wrong thing!

Heaven sent messengers bring Seeds of Revelation - not sermons and what they carry as Seed, always produces Kingdom Sons!

— Johann VD Hoven

You Were Predestined for a Purpose

Every Vision has a "pro" attached to it. When you walk in His Vision for your life, fulfilling your purpose and living your design, the provision will be provided!


We however need to set the Vision before the pro. Its when you go, that the pro becomes proactive in your life!

— Johann VD Hoven

Every dream, purpose and destiny is coded into the life of an individual.

The man or the woman God sends, is the plan, the purpose and the destiny to unfold.

— Johann VD Hoven

Someone says ... "God I trust you with my future ... ".

God says ... "I have trusted you with mine! Fulfill My Vision. All things have been pro-Visioned in you to fulfill your purpose!"

— Johann VD Hoven

Live Your True Potential

You are God's best plan for what He created you to accomplish.

— Johann VD Hoven

Never live by the assumptions of men. When people do not know you and cannot discern you, they will "assume" you - They will assume who you are by positioning you and defining you by the logic, reason and perception of their own understanding.

Never live by the definitions of others - Walk in the Revelation of who God defines you as.

Never "fit" into the limited precepts of the understanding of people and never let them give you a definition of who you are. In the process you will limit who God formed you to be, to the potential someone else thinks you can be.

People, by nature, are small-minded, they can't see you beyond their own limitations and few will truly be able to see you through God's eyes!

Live by Revelation - Never by definition.

— Johann VD Hoven

You are a God's Gift, wrapped in His Love, for the world to unwrap.

— Johann VD Hoven

Be careful not to become the slave of someone else's dream. 

— Johann VD Hoven

Discover the Hidden You

Never live by the assumptions of men - Live by the Revelation of God.

— Johann VD Hoven

If you don't know who you are, someone will decide that for you. 

— Johann VD Hoven

You are a Marvel of God, whom the world is waiting for, to be revealed.

— Johann VD Hoven

The way I glorify God is to be the complete me, minus the influences that are not supposed to be me. 

We bring Him glory by being His Glory on display.

— Johann VD Hoven

Redeem means "to get it back"

God sent Jesus to get you back! 

Back to your Origin. 

Back to your position. 

Back to your Authority. 

Back to your destiny. 

Back to your Glory!

— Johann VD Hoven

The Gospel is not a message about who you need to become.

It is a message of re-introducing you to who you truly are!

— Johann VD Hoven

All things are possible!

When man's logic says - It is impossible!

God's Logos says - All Things are possible!

— Johann VD Hoven

'Simple people' may carry in potential what the world needs to survive. 

Joseph is a classic example.

— Johann VD Hoven

Leap into the new you!

Whatever you speak about, you multiply in your life experience.

— Johann VD Hoven

So long as you fight to defend your limitations and weaknesses, you get to keep them.

— Johann VD Hoven