The gift you ARE

Having worked with people from all walks of life for the past thirty years, we have come to one conclusion - People are individual wonders, Gifts that the world has been blessed with for a short season of time.

It is however for us to discover our own unique frequency that we have been born to become in this world, that which we have been created to be that displays the greatness of our Creator that He has invested in us to give expression to, as unique individuals, filled with brightness, potential and Light.

We have also learned that we as people were never born to be influenced by the ideas of others, by religion or by culture. We were born to walk in the pure understanding of our Origin and our original purpose and design. We were formed in a way that we were meant to be unique and brilliant. Conformity was never a part of the plan or the program for our lives. Yet we find so many influences that are daily attempting to shape our beliefs, our thoughts, behavior and our life choices. In the absence of understanding who were formed to be, the chances increase for us to be shaped in our beliefs and in our understanding, influenced by what we are taught and receive as information from others, causing us to conform to a life we were never intended to life, and living well below the potential and ability that has been invested in us.

It is our desire to help people to break free from the mindsets that has caused them to settle in living a life that they were never intended to live and to grow into the full power and potential they were created as!

Religion, in many ways, provide more problems than answers and become a new ideology, captivating the mindsets of those who become disciples of traditions and beliefs that originate from the understanding and perceptions of men, claiming their ideas and theology to be of God.

We have come to realise that God never created man to be manipulated or dominated through the mindsets of religion, culture or education.  "It is for freedom that Christ has come to set you free". The Law served for a limited season wherein man no longer lived by the direction of the inner-guidance of God's Spirit within him. Jesus Christ came to restore each one who would accept His sacrifice and the redeeming Power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, the restoration would be a redeeming work, reintroducing them to their Origin and to the Life God had prepared for them to live. A Life filled with the Presence of His Person (the Anointing) and overflowing with His Love, potential and Ability within them to live their lives the way He intended them to live - irrefutable in His Authority, with undeniable access to all things and in the dominion of His Kingdom over all things - Sons (Heirs and Offspring) of Himself!

You were designed by Love, formed by Love, born in Love, to be led by Love.

God's plan for man was never dominance, it was always to know Him as Love and to walk with Him in Love!

It is our commission and passion to re-introduce you to this Life of Love, filled with God's best intent for you, and to guide you to discover the true you, formed by His hand and destined as a Gift, filled with His potential and destiny, wrapped in His Love to be opened by the world.

Sons of Sovereignty Kingdom School plays a vital role in this mission, providing Spirit-Inspired sessions that will cause you to become all God ever intended you to be and to life your life as the expression of His Goodness invested in you.

We invite you to share this exciting journey with us, rediscovering God's best for you and for your life and living to fulfill His dream and destiny with you!