A NEW AWAKENING as never seen or experienced before is sweeping across the earth as was prophesied was going to happen. This NEW SOUND and NEW SEASON ushering in a NEW GLORY, is a completely fresh CONSCIOUS AWAKENING and brings a new and experiential work of the Holy Spirit that has been eagerly desired and yet never previously experienced in the depth and scope that it imparts in the lives of those who are encountering this New Dimension of His Glory!

It is not a former "thing" and does not carry a former Glory - It is the NEW, the untouched, unspoiled and the Glorious Revelation that has been reserved for our time - for a new dispensation of the Holy Spirit to unfold within His people from all walks of life across the globe.

For so may years what has been experienced has been the attempts of receiving the New Wine of the Holy Spirit in the old wineskins of "outpourings", rather than in-fillings. The religious mould of old was never going to hold the New Wine, it was always going to leak out, with the need for another "outpouring" to come. The external experience of living a life in awareness of religiously observing a God that is Spirit from a human perspective, always guarantees a religious experience being dressed upon the table, at best!

This NEW EXPERIENCE AND EXPRESSION from God is the unveiling reality of the living experience of His Spirit in the lives of people as they enter into Union with Him to live in Spirit-consciousness. It is the end of the era of religious experience and the beginning of an authentic and real walk in the Spirit-realm. It is the AUTHENTIC LIFE IN THE SPIRIT and it is beautifully liberating!

It is the end of merely religiously observing God through the lenses of the letters recorded in Scripture, and the beginning of the realm of walking in the reality of the Illumination of His Spirit in Revelation, to live in the reality of being One with Him and His with  Presence.


This NEW AWAKENING, unlike others preceding it, begins with a deep inner-awareness in those who encounter the New Glory of the Holy Spirit. This deep Spirit-encounter and impartation begins as an inner-Awakening of conscious awareness, as a new realm of His Glory, previously unexplored, begins to unfold, and as God's children are led into experiencing true personal Union with the Spirit of God. 

This LIFE-TRANSFORMING EXPERIENCE of being ushered into the realm of the illumination of their Spiritual senses to feel, touch, hear, experience and encounter the reality of God's Person, as never before, unfolds into a NEW JOURNEY in the Spirit for many, where they come to walk with God in the realm of His reality, replacing all previous religious pomp and parade!

It is a JOURNEY of absolute peace, ecstatic Joy in the Spirit, unlimited Revelation, unreserved possibilities, overflowing LOVE and the TRUE freedom that can only come as a reality through the authentic experience of walking with God!

Will this NEW AWAKENING have its imitations, as those hungry to serve themselves and their own agenda attempt to lead people astray into false teachings, false beliefs and into worshipping idols? As history records this to be true in every generation and former move of God upon the earth, I expect no less in our time and with this AUTHENTIC new expression of God's Glory sweeping the earth and filling the hearts of people from all walks of life. The discerning however, will discern the Spirit and will follow Him without question.