Redefining the Accidental You!

Who are you and where are you from?

What is your Source? Where is your Origin? Is it here on earth when you were born? Is it your parents? Is your life the life you were intended to live? Was the things you have come through in life truly meant for you to experience?

Are you truly living as the person you were born to become? Or is it possible that your life has become a limited version, or even a completely different version, of who you were in intended to be? Can it be that as a result of the many voices that have spoken to you from your childhood, or circumstances that has put you into a bad spot, that you may have been influenced to be mislead in accepting a reality and a seeming truth about yourself and your life, that is keeping you from living the life you were truly intended to live on earth?  

Is it possible that the true you, the you, that originally arrived on this planet, is hidden somewhere in you, waiting to be discovered? The you with unexplored dreams and possibilities, potential, gifts, talents and ability, that has never come to it's fulness?

Are you the victim of an accidental life that was really never a part of your destiny? Could it be that there is a life that you are meant to live and to experience that is so different from your current experience that you have settled for, as being your life on earth?

What Is The "Accidental" You?

One thing that we know for certain in life is that there are no "accidents" when it comes to be people being on the planet. God has pre-known and predestined and pro-visioned every life on earth with a unique purpose and designed each one with the capability to live their lives happy, meaningful and fulfilled in their existence.

When we fail to find the rhythm of what life was intended for us, we begin to live non-authentic lives and find ourselves living out of tune with God's intended design and the experience for us. It is when we become the victim of these events unfolding in our lives, that we live "accidental" lives, that are not what we were meant to experience on our earthly journey.

As a result of this,  we too become "accidental" versions of our true intended selves and the unique individuals that we were designed to be. The circumstances we are received in and grow up to experience in a broken world that surrounds us, and the many voices around our lives, all cause us to accept and to assume a version of who we begin to perceive ourselves to be and also begin to give meaning to life for us.  They become the moulds that form us and in many ways predict how we will live in future.

All of these realities that become a part of our lives in a broken society, culture and world, in which we are received, become the frequencies or influences that we are programmed to receive that would ultimately influence the way we believe, think, behave, plan our lives and live as our version of what life is supposed to be. 

Finding your rhythm 

Amidst all of these things, the truth about who we are is never erased! It remains for as long as we do!  It is eternal, because we are eternal, and it waits patiently to be discovered by us and to be realised in our lives. 

'Redefining the Accidental You' - Is a course designed  to lead you on the journey of dismantling false frequencies, so you may find your true life-frequency and discover the answers to make your best life possible to experience! 

This course will help you rediscover the true and authentic you and the life you were intended to live as a happy, successful and fulfilled person on earth.

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