For the past thirty years of my life, I have discovered that I was born to serve others in helping them to discover the lives they were intended to live and release the wealth of potential already invested in them. To empower them to live and to find the happiness, fulfillment and meaning in their lives. I am joined by my lovely wife, Theresa, who passionately share the same destiny gift and purpose, in seeing people reach and attain their greatness in life!

This gift, we share in what is called “THE JOURNEY”. A 3 month course that is designed to release the hidden potential of God’s intended life in those seeking to explore the true life that they were intended to live and experience. Theresa and myself are both authors in our own right and the material we write is produced and Anointed by the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and is intended to inspire and to develop individuals in their own personal quest to become the Dream, that God dreamed them to be and to discover the wonder of living His pre-destined life on earth.

The two of us also travel to host conferences from time to time, as we we are invited to do so by churches as well as by corporate groups that seek to inspire their staff and to maximize their potential, loyalty, commitment and work ethic. We also host our own indepenent seminars that are open for all to attend.

Theresa and myself are in full time service to our Kingdom mission.

The JOURNEY is a deeply Spiritual, 100% non-religious, practical and hands-on experience, of finding meaningful answers to living a life overflowing with love, happiness, fullfillment, peace and Divine purpose.


We want to invite you on this unique journey to discover the true life story of you, before there was a “you”. Of finding your eternal footprints in the sands of destiny, when God dreamed you in His heart as the marvel He purposefully would contemplate, sculpt, design and create, in great detail, with a specific intent and for a unique purpose. Before He would form you and give you the gift of life on earth. 

It is the story about the true you, that He would sowed into your own heart as destiny to unfold in your life.  It is the true story you need to hear and discover, to inherit what rightfully belongs to you as your inheritance through Jesus Christ. Paul tells us that there is a life we need to discover, that we need to seek out from the heart of our Father, a life that is veiled to many, and, when the scales are removed from their eyes, that they will discover the true Blessing of Life that was intended for them all along!

"... having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know the Hope of His calling ( what it is that He came for that would be the hope or fulfillment of His mission, which is), for us to know (by experience in receiving) the the riches of his glorious inheritance in the us who are His Sons ..." - Ephesians 1:18 (Origin Study Helps)

It is the reality of discovering this unique and gifted life. A life that carries within it a Divine Identity and the potential of the One who created you. Who formed you to have the power to be everything He created you to be, and to be able to be successful in being who you were made to become. 

It is the journey of finding and unlocking the gifts, the potential and the power that lives in you, that would cause you to live the full, happy, meaningful and exceptional life, you were designed to experience. 

This 3 month course addresses every sphere of life, helping you to find answers to unanswered questions in your life. It will also lead you to discover unknown wells of potential to be explored. 

Discover how to ...

  • Overcome those areas that you are challenged with in your life. 

  • To destroy the voices of fear and every other false frequency that restricts you. 
  • To deal with things from your past that are constantly presenting themselves as present voices in your heart, hindering you to       step into a life of being fully fulfilled and keeping you from being your best. 
  • To multiply your success and open new wells of potential for you to become all you were intended to be and to accomplish. 
  • To rise from the despair of your current life and to find the Dream, the hope and the truth of a new life in Him. 
  • To restore your life - body, soul and spirit and to revive your vision and your dreams. It is a time to dream again! 
  • To discover God’s Dreams for you and to revive them in your own heart. 

Join us on this New JOURNEY into your future!

If you are interested in taking this journey with us, send your name and “Journey” in a message on WhatsApp on +27662121071

We are looking forward to hear from you soon!

“The Journey” commences on-line and as well as in several locations around South Africa from           November/December 2020.