Johann VD Hoven

Sons of Sovereignty 

Irrefutable Authority. Kingdom Dominion. Undeniable Access.

Immaturity is the inability to face or absorb truth that conflicts with your current level of development in a particular area of life. 

People tend to fight that which conflicts with what they currently hold as truth, not because of it being untrue, but because they lack the capacity to move from what they previously perceived - to grow into a dimension of truth that calls them deeper into what they have come to accept as "ultimate truth". 

The Kingdom of God is never fixated on your version of truth or the current level of revelation you have received. There is always a constant metamorphosis in the understanding of the Kingdom and Kingdom Life. There is always growth beyond the scope of what has become known. 

God is constantly challenging and evolving our understanding of Him by revealing Himself and His Kingdom in ways we have never seen, heard or understood before. It is therefore imperative to come to the place where you live to evolve - Where you receive truth, without settling it as being absolute truth, knowing that a new and deeper dimension of what you have come to know, believe and understand, is certain to come as you continue growing deeper into relationship and understanding with God. 

Settling on a certain wavelength of truth and accepting it as absolute truth, results in religious doctrines been born. 

That is why the Holy Spirit needs to be your absolute truth! He needs to be your absolute security and He needs to be the One you keep following! 

He needs to be the Word ever-unfolding in your heart. He needs to LEAD you and lead you into the discovery of Truth as He daily unveils it in your heart.
- Johann VD Hoven

Christians are some of the people sufferings with the worst self-esteem problems of all mankind. 

They constantly have to "die" or to "suffer" or to "deny themselves". Religion has messed with the minds of millions who Jesus came to set free! 

Religion will always strive to put you down. To make you less. 

This while Jesus has come for you to be MORE! 

MORE than to merely suffer through life, but to live ABUNDANTLY! MORE than a religious slave, but to live as a SON! 
MORE than living as He lived, but to do GREATER THINGS! 

The message and the language of religion is DEATH. 

The Revelation of the Holy Spirit is LIFE and more abundantly. 

It is a Message of MORE and being made MORE, because of Him who now dwells in us!
- Johann VD Hoven

Scripture tells us that God calls us Sons (whether male or female) (Rom 8:;14), it really has nothing to do with gender, but with our position of authority, as being one with the Son and being led into our inheritance as Sons of God by the Son, Jesus the Christ. (Heb 2:10)

Christianity or "Christians", is a word that we are told, was given to those who had been brought into their Sonship by Jesus. Who it was that first branded them as a tribe I do not know, the Bible does not tell us who it was. It could have been the Jews, or the Romans - we do not know. What I do know, it that it was not the Holy Spirit who called them so!

Christianity today has become one of the most dangerous concepts in the world. Why? Because it has become something people practice! What does that mean, it means that it has a set of rules whereby you are called to play, and if you are to be acceptable and successful at being a Christian, you have to play by these rules. Do some Christians follow the rules with strict adherence, while others are doing so part time. Some are very zealous, while others are mellow. Some follow pretend to follow the rules, just to be accepted in the club, while actually not following the rules at all!. Some only follow the rules on Sunday, and others all week long.

When some do not follow the rules as they should, we call them backsliders who has lost their zeal or "fire" and they are reprimanded to get back in line, or else ...

Christianity today has evolved into one of the world's foremost religions, while working hard to convince it's followers that they are not part of a religion, because "Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship". Here is the problem, most Christians today have that relationship with their Bibles, and not with the Living Word. They pray to a God whom they do not speak with. They follow a God whom they do not experience in the reality of His Person on a daily basis. They do what they are required to do, because "the Bible says so", not because they are being led by the Holy Spirit to do what He leads them to do. They are manipulated by leaders who claim to be pastors and shepherds, but who in fact need them only to ensure their own survival. Today people are "wallets", that is their value and how they are seen by church leaders.

Today the church needs its followers more than the followers need the church! 

What makes this different from any other religion? The Jews follow their rituals and laws and have their devout believers and "backsliders". So does the Muslims and so on.

Sonship however has no relation to any of the above!

Sons do not practice their faith - they live in relationship with Christ. They do not "backslide" from the rules - they are transformed in the inner-man and they are joined together with their Father. They do not follow the letter, they are led of the Living Life of the Spirit of God within them! 

They live and walk in another dimensions. They are not ordinary, but extraordinary, not natural, but Supernatural. Their life-style is different, their walk is different, their conversation sound different, their thinking is different - They are a God-species on they earth, people of another kind!

They are Sons! Walking in the atmosphere of miracles - being a sign and a wonder, another kind, they are not dominated by the atmosphere of a natural world - They are sent from the Kingdom, by the Kin g to demonstrate and establish His Kingdom Dominion on earth!

Sons are practical pioneers who live lives that are out of the ordinary. They showcase a Supernatural Ability in all they are sent to accomplish.

At this time I believe we are entering a new season where God is calling us into authentic Sonship and leading those who are already living as sons to maturity. I believe we are crossing the threshold of answering the cry of all creation, the cry of the Sons of God coming into their full Sonship!

- Johann VD Hoven
Trust no man's teaching, with the exception of the man bearing the fruit of his teaching. God delivers all of His messages one way and one way only. 

He delivers them through men who have become the evidence of what they are sent to proclaim. True Heaven sent messengers come as living witnesses and as living epistles. 

They come not to preach but to impart. Not to point the way, but to lead the way. Not to teach in words, but to demonstrate in Power!  

Sons of Sovereignty On-line Kingdom School
- Johann VD Hoven

Dale Carnegie made a powerful statement when saying, "A Man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still". 

We change only at our will!  The backslider, backsliders, simply because he never truly surrendered in the first place.

He was convinced by something or someone, but never convicted in his own heart. He went along, but never really chose to. 

We may follow Jesus and do the things He requires of us, but we will never be joined together with Him, before we do not eat His flesh and drink His blood. It is in becoming an inseparable part of Him, that we are changed. 

Religious conviction and dedication to Christianity is available to everyone. |It is however those who are joined together with Him, born into His Spirit and who are led by His Voice, who truly know Him and who live their lives, not by the conviction of their beliefs, but in the reality of His Revelation!

- Johann VD Hoven