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Visionary. Author. Public Speaker. 

Johann van der Hoven inspires individuals from all walks of life, to live to become the highly gifted, fulfilled and successful individuals they were created as, and to fully discover and explore the full potential that has been invested within them.

His mission is to develop individuals to discover their true value in life by being reconnected to their Origin, to rediscover the true creation purpose and latent potential that has been invested in them.

Johann believes that most people are living lives they were never intended to live, facing problems they were never supposed to face and experiencing hardships they never were meant to endure.

He also believes that many who consider themselves to be a success, have only come to experience a small taste of the true potential vested in them.

Johann's Vision and mission is to inspire people with the Truth about who they truly are, why they are alive and to lead them on a journey of allowing them to become the brilliant, exceptional and unique individuals they were formed to be. Johann is the acting dean and Visionary of Sons of Sovereignty Kingdom School, a non-religious school, serving people from all nations, that focusses on the development of individuals to reach their full potential. 

Johann was called in full time service of God in 1990. From the off-set of his ministry it was clear that the Holy Spirit was leading him on a very unique journey where he would be led and taught to live and to walk in the ways of the Spirit. From his very first crusade, his meetings was earmarked by an unusual Presence and working of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the past thirty years thousands of lives have been radically impacted and transformed in his meetings.

Johann ministry is apostolic with a prophetic expression. He ministers, teaches and writes as commissioned by the Holy Spirit, sharing the secrets to living a life in the Spirit and from the dimension of the Spirit.

Johann is a mentor to emerging Kingdom leaders, an inspirational public speaker to people from all walks of life, an author of several life-transforming books, the dean and Visionary leader of Sons of Sovereignty Kingdom School and a highly gifted Kingdom-preneur.

His Vision is to inspire and develop unique and gifted individuals to discover and fulfill their creation purpose. His mission is to see people discovering and growing into the full potential as the unique and marvelous creations they were destined and designed to be.