Rediscover Your Origin

The secret to living a life abounding with love, peace and fulfillment begins in discovering God's original plan for you.

Our mission is to share the keys that  unlock these answers in your life and to inspire you to live the life you were intended to live, as the unique, Gifted and Radiant individual you were intended to become.

Live Your True Potential

There is nothing on earth whereby your potential can be measured. 

You are far more than anything on earth can measure you to be. No IQ or EQ can determine the true latent potential that has been formed in you. 

It is time for you to discover the truth about who you truly are and to explore the hidden potential in you!

Manifest Your Glory

God created many things for His Glory. There is however one part of His creation that He did not create for His Glory.

Man however was created to be more than the rest of His creation. He created man, not for His Glory - but AS His Glory!

You have been formed by Him as a marvel, a miracle, a sign and a wonder - a living witness to His Life being given expression through you!

Join me on this special journey of allowing you to discover how to live your life the way God intended for you to live.

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Psa 139:14  -  "To be seen in awe (yä·ra'), and as a wonder to behold, I was made!" - Origin Study Helps

Visionary. VOICE. Author. Public Speaker. 
Johann G. VD Hoven

Johann van der Hoven story begins in 1990, when the Holy Spirit led him on a unique journey with a Vision to introduce and lead people into discovering the authentic experience of His Person, and  to grow into the full potential of the unique and marvelous creations they were destined and designed to be.

He is a gifted non-religious Apostolic & Visionary leader, presenting and demonstrating the true Good News of the Kingdom of God to people from all walks of life. Johann is also the author of several life-transforming books. The Visionary of Sons of Sovereignty Kingdom Institute and a gifted and a successful Kingdom-preneur.

His mission is to help people to live authentic lives, avoiding problems they were never supposed to face and hardships they never were meant to endure. "So many of us are living in what we consider to be what was allotted to us in life, while we have not even touched the true potential, dreams and gifts that lives inside of us."

He inspires people seeking to live a blessed, fullfilled and a more meaningful life, leading them on a journey to become the brilliant, exceptional and unique individuals they were formed to be. 

Johann VD Hoven and his family reside in South Africa, from where they have been affecting and inspiring the lives of people from all walks of life, for the past thirty years.

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