On-Line Kingdom School

Sons of Sovereignty

Be careful not to become the slave of someone else's dream.


— Johann VD Hoven








If you don't know who you are, someone will decide that for you.


— Johann VD Hoven



Irrefutable Authority . Kingdom Dominion . Undeniable Access


That is what SONS OF SOVEREIGNTY teaches maturing Sons in  practical everyday experience.

Never live by the assumptions of men.


When people do not know you and cannot discern you, they will "assume" you - They will assume who you are by positioning you and defining you by the logic, reason and perception of their own understanding.


Never live by the definitions of others - Walk in the Revelation of who God defines you as.


Never "fit" into the limited precepts of the understanding of people and never let them give you a definition of who you are. In the process you will limit who God formed you to be, to the potential someone else thinks you can be.


People, by nature, are small-minded, they can't see you beyond their own limitations and few will truly be able to see you through God's eyes!


Live by Revelation - Never by definition.


- Johann VD Hoven

Vision Statement

SOS Kingdom School is mandated to redeem the Sons of God. To lead, develop and equip them in their unique and individual capacity as Sons, and to empower them to come to the understanding of their full potential, to fulfill their personal life-destiny and purpose in the earth.

Mission Statement

SOS is commissioned by the Holy Spirit to become the voice ushering in The New Sound  being released in the earth at this moment of time.


There is a fresh season upon humanity, ushering in a new Revelation and understanding of God and His Divine plan for mankind, as it has never been revealed before.


The Holy Spirit is imparting mysteries that have been hidden and revealing new Wisdom by Revelation, that is bringing a fresh Kingdom perspective to this generation, unique in its presentation.


About us

Johann vd hoven has served in ministry of the Kingdom since 1990, when he was called by the Lord. Over the years he has served in the various functions of the ministry.


Johann was led on a unique journey from the offset of his ministry. A journey that would prepare him for a season wherein the Holy Spirit would bring a new and fresh apostolic perspective to the Body of Christ and to humanity as a whole.


He brings a refreshing Kingdom perspective to the Body of Christ at a time when "the Word of the Lord" is in great demand by His people.


SOS shares, facilitates and imparts these new Kingdom Truths by means of:  On-line schooling, Self-study Modules and personal impartation at national and international conferences.


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Receive fresh apostolic Word in Revelation, prophetic restoration, spiritual elevation, and the Power of God demonstrated in the expression of the Love of Christ. Healing, deliverance and restoration for people from all walks of life are all reasons why these meetings are attended by many.


Experience life transforming meetings as the Holy Spirit rises in peoples lives to bring new hope, Vision and redefines their lives with new inspiration, purpose and direction.


For more information about these powerful Kingdom encounters, kindly complete this form and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Invite Johann & Theresa VD Hoven to host a four day Kingdom School Conference in your city or area.


Experience the Power of God's Word and the Presence of the Holy Spirit transforming lives in these four day events!


Our brand new study module

has arrived!


"Origin" is a brand new series of Revelation in the Holy Spirit. This nine month course offers you never before discovered mysteries into the Father's heart concerning His formation of your life!


This is pure Holy Spirit Revelation that will impact and transform your life in a dynamic way. Discover who God intended you to be and how H intended for you to experience Life in Him on earth.


A course that will liberate you fro everything holding you back from being the best you and the Wonder that God formed you to be!


To purchase Module 1 for home study, or to enroll for the on-line full nine month course consisting of 3 Modules, Audio, Video and live streaming study session, complete the inquiry form below and we will send you all the relevant information requested.

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